I’m Still Breathing

After many many discussions I’ve come to realize we are two different people with two different outlooks on one problem. My side is I never meant harm to my family or hell, even myself. He is right when he says I haven’t done this right. I have isolated myself, which is rehab 101 no#1 do […]


Or maybe half that many. I wish I had enough for my first poll. I’m debating between these two books. And because I refuse to ask for the money right now, I’m trying to decide which to get first. If you were miserable like me, what would be your preferred reading for this lovely Friday […]


I will apologize for all my ramblings. I’ve shut down my facebook and I don’t talk to anyone. Except my kids. And I’m definitely not talking to my kids about any of this. Right or wrong, this is my outlet. If you knew me, you’d know I’m not crazy. Everyone has their times…. I’m going […]

Root Cause

I work from home as a customer service representative. My job is to take care of our business customers. We have been pressed to realize the root cause of problems. We are also given the power to recommend changes that would solve the main issue. Or at least we can take our information to the […]

Verbal Knock Outs

Of course today’s word would be mountain Just a few days ago I wrote how I’m not climbing back up right now. I’m sitting, crying at the bottom. The beginning of this year there was a huge blowup between my husband and I. We didn’t talk for days. I was ready to move on. But […]

Things That Interest Me

I’m reading a book right now. Well, I’ve only downloaded the sample to my Kindle because I can’t afford the full book  It has work for me to do about myself. It’s supposed to be a life changing book that helps decide if I stay or if I leave my marriage. I can’t wait to […]