​I remember being in elementary school and many girls being so cruel.

Same in middle school.
High school was better. By then I had my core group of friends so the rude ones didn’t matter so much. Still, they were around.
I’ve worked at many places and saw this same group of girls as adults. From customer service jobs to the middle school.
I don’t understand this train of thought.
“I’m better than you”
And better at what?
I personally don’t feel any person is better than the other. Every single person, EVERYONE has their “thing.” If you are a human, you have some battle you face. Whether it be jealousy, greed, insecurity or one of the million other things we experience.
I wish I’d never been mean to anyone, but I have.
We should encourage other females. Say a kind word and smile at them. Not look at them and say “omg she wore this, or can you believe she did that?”
We are all guilty of it. Me especially when I don’t know you or feel trapped or insecure about myself.
At the end of the day, we are all pretty much going through the same basic struggle of life.
I can honestly say I’m working on this with all I have. 


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