Ain’t No Slippin Off Shit

I’m 5 days off subs

5 days after 19 years of having drugs or alcohol every day

I was on 3 8mgs a day for a year. Then came down to 2 8mgs.

I resolved to stay on it forever.

I had to get broken and lose all I had fought for since I left rehab.

I’m doing it.

I’m surviving it.

The worst part is the anxiety waiting for something to happen.

When I left rehab last year, I lost months of my life “adjusting” to subs.

I’m calling BS

That was my withdrawl.

Don’t slip, don’t wean, don’t step. If you want off…you can do this.

It’s been 2 yrs of me working to get clean. The first step isn’t admitting you have a problem…please that is known!! The first step is committing finding your solutuon, even when it’s hell!!

Buckle up, put your blinders on and do the work. And say your prayers every second. 


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