I will apologize for all my ramblings. I’ve shut down my facebook and I don’t talk to anyone. Except my kids. And I’m definitely not talking to my kids about any of this. Right or wrong, this is my outlet.

If you knew me, you’d know I’m not crazy. Everyone has their times….

I’m going to work now so no more for awhile. But if I come up in your feed today and you think man that chick is bonkers….at least end it with an I wish you well or quick prayer for me. I could use it. 

Thank you

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow 

    1. I know it’s not. I’m in recovery…my bff drinks, my mom is an addict and my dad’s wouldn’t get it. I have a few cousins, but no one I really feel like opening up too right now.
      I do know it’s not healthy, but I feel like it’s safer for me because of the people I know….


      1. Well
        Front Street lol
        No. Both times I was in rehab and aftercare all everyone does is hookup. It’s pretty sad. My husband took me to one meeting when I got out.
        I’ve stayed sober, I just thought I could do it ya know?


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