Things That Interest Me

I’m reading a book right now. Well, I’ve only downloaded the sample to my Kindle because I can’t afford the full book 

It has work for me to do about myself. It’s supposed to be a life changing book that helps decide if I stay or if I leave my marriage. I can’t wait to read all of it.

If it does change my life, I’ll show my thanks and post the book. 

It did give me a preview of some of the work I will be doing. Who was I before I met him? What do I like to do? If I’m completely truthful with myself, am I doing what I should be with my life? 

I can’t wait to get the full book.

I’m ready for a life change.

What do I like to do, or what would I like to start doing?

  • i love hanging out with my kids- they make me laugh
  • i love being outside, not yardwork but out outside, like out of my yard
  • im obsessed with water, i’d live on water in a heartbeat
  • i’ve always wanted to go whitewater rafting
  • i would love to buy a kayak
  • the big city near me…aka Atlanta, has bike paths running through. i want a bike
  • walking- im not a cute runner, but i love love a good t shirt!  i would love to do some type of race or marathon. again these are huge in the a t l. it’s healthy, i would be around others plus a t shirt! 
  • photography- i took my shot at making my money this way. i gave up after 3 years. i am and always will be my worst critic. i could never see the good in my work, only the flaws. someone would say oh I love that and id be like- yeah right….can’t you see that lighting! awful! no matter how hard i tried, this thought always stayed with’s ok but….i need to pick up my camera again, just for me
  • graveyards- i love these places. where i live there are so many hidden graves. i would love to take my camera and go shoot and share these places. maybe i won’t share. maybe they will just be for me
  • old buildings/abandoned spots- intrigue me. Each of these places have a story. i wish i could find out the history of so many around me. one by one they are coming down, they wont be around forever
  • reading- i love the smell of libraries. as a kid, id spend hours in them. id love to go back
  • ive spent more than half my life organizing my house. im at the point now where im just trashing most of the junk. i fill up a box and my son burns it. i wish it was all finished but i do enjoy it. its a mindless task and sometimes those are good
  • laughing- seeing people that aren’t negative. i want more of this in my life. positivity, happy, hopeful
  • church billboards- just like libraries, i don’t see these holding up forever. churches are closing down left and right. i like reading the signs outside. I’ve always wondered is someone in there making up those one liners- or is there a bible billboard book? id like to start snapping pictures of these

I’ve always been that person that wants to do stuff. But I let little things overwhelm me. Or I always tell myself, as soon as this house is clean I’m really gonna do this! 

I don’t want to be that way anymore. I look through the things that interest me and all of those are possible. Most of them i dont need any money to start. 

I want to live my life. I want to get out and do what I want. At this point the only thing holding me back, is me. Just like my husband always says you got one shot at this life. 

I’m ready to start incorporating things I enjoy in my life. 

2 thoughts on “Things That Interest Me

  1. This is good. I’ve been in that place where I wanted something completely different.

    My method is to change everything all at once. It usually fails and then I go back and make small changes slowly. That usually works better.


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