I Drive Me Crazy

I like to completely torture myself by coming up with brilliant ideas, get started on those, get bored and frustrated and then move on to my next brilliant ideas.

I’m telling you, I’ve had some great ones. If I could find someone to finish or wrap up my creative endeavors, life would be good.

I think it’s good for people to have goals. My husband and I were married at 16. I didn’t know the difference between a roast and hamburger meat. I was completely blown away that my husband expected me to have supper ideas at 10-11 in the morning. Who did he think he was?? The little bit of adult living knowledge I have now has came by just doing it. So with us being young and dumb, we never set goals. We never set a budget. We never saw a reason to do some of the needless adult stuff.

Now that we are older, I see the importance. One of my lifelong dreams have been to live on water. I begged to move to Florida or Alabama. My husband and kids have zero interest. I have driven that idea enough to drive my family insane. 

So, now I’m coming in with a compromise. I’ll give up my dream of beach dreaming, if we can move to the lake. There is one about 15 minutes from where we currently live. It’s not upper class but not too broken down. Oh, I found one little A Frame…the land is level, the dock is beautiful, the porch is bigger then the house and it’s cheap. 

After years of running my mouth, I finally got my husband on my side. A new start would do us good, we only live once and it’s not an impossible dream. Plus the added drive of having a larger goal we can both push for. This could be a good thing. It would take a lot of work: fix our house, sell it, clean up our credit and find the perfect spot on the lake for us. But what could it hurt? Worse thing that could happen is we only end up fixing up our current home and are just stuck here. 

In an updated home….not too bad if that’s the failing side.

For once in my life, I got him on my side about doing anything like this. He’s thrown it in my hands, I come up wuth plans, he will work towards the end goal.

I would like for this to be the one goal or idea I actually finish. The one goal I obtain. I don’t want this to be the thing I always wish I would have done, but I just never followed through.

How do you conquer your goals? What keeps you motivated to keep pushing?

Prayers, Fingers Crossed and Good Vibes for all. 

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