It’s My Birthday (and I refuse to cry)

I work from home doing customer service for Businesses.
I love it, love it
This job was a blessing to me, when I couldn’t face the world.
This job saved me
This job saved my marriage
This job saved my family
We could not get by anymore on just one income, so I had to do something, and God gave me this.

Yesterday, I had to miss two hours of work to attend something for my son.
I’ve done this Countless times since September of last year. Just log back in when ready, and go to work.

Last night I couldn’t log back on. I tried for 3 1/2 hours with no luck. I tried all tips. I called IT. Nothing.

I’ve been doing my morning drop offs this AM, taking everyone to school. In between, I’ve started trying again, no luck.

I got lucky enough to get a few days off over this weekend, but I have to work some today. I have too.

My mind automatically jumps to it’s gone forever, we will be back in misery, and I won’t be able to pull back out.

I’m TRYING to force my brain to slow down, realize it can be fixed. Take the last kid to school and come back and make someone help me.

I can do this. I can process this with no panic. Breathe deep, move slow, say my prayers and just keep trying.

I’ve taught my daughter the immediate freak out and panic way, I’m trying to show her things can be fixed without panic.

Birthday wishes for me, that I will be able to work.

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