WordPress 911

This makes me feel old


This is the fourth blog I’ve started here. I’ve written more on this one.
I like it, I like that I can type my stuff that builds up and throw it out.
I’ve pressed my oldest daughter she should do the same.
This is an awesome awesome tool.
But I get frustrated quick and I want to know how to do it all now.
I have no clue what I’m doing here.
I know how to write and post.
And repeat.
The rest I’m guessing.
But now I want to read others stories. All I keep seeing is stuff WordPress thinks I should Discover? Then when I click on their suggestions, I only see stuff like check out this musuem @ blah blah blah or, this post was originally written on xyz by abc. But I can’t get to their page or actually find the musuems info.
Or during a search…if I type in a “tag” only 4 people come up. I am pretty sure there are more than 4 people with addiction issues here.
Where do I put the #, hashtag, poundsign when I actually post? Because when I put it on the tag line before I post, WordPress, or somebody, takes it away.
What does add your category mean on WordPress?

Chances are, no one will see this, because I’m doing something wrong.

I know one of my past blog adventures took me to a page called Community Pool. I’ve searched it 5 different ways and still can’t find that page. Ive typed it all one word, splitting it up, hashtag, no hashtag and no luck! Maybe @communitypool?

I’m so lost. Can someone tell me how I can find some interesting people to follow? Or people like me?
Or the best of both worlds, interesting people chattin about things that interest me?

#help, help
#911, 911
#sos, sos

Can someone tell me how to work this page?
Or at least direct me to the pool?

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