Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

Silly song, but it speaks facts, at least in my life
Common sense says parents are supposed to tell their children drugs are bad

My parents are basically these, the ones in the song. Eminem says drugs are bad, if ya don’t believe me ask your dad.
And then if ya don’t believe him, well ask your mom
She’ll tell you how she does them all the time

Yep. True Story here…..somewhat.

Instead of my parents teaching the path of destruction that comes with drugs, they  instead encouraged it.

My dad used to buy me wine coolers when we were on family trips, ages 14 and up. No harm, right? Well at the time, I thought I had the coolest parent ever. My cousin would come to my room, course her dad sure wasn’t going to buy her any! Back in those days, those wine coolers may sit there the whole trip. I really wasn’t into it, other than the cool factor. As I got older, and did start drinking….heavily, the beer from my dad was appreciated. I’d call my husband, hey dad brought us a case of beer for so and so.
Lake trips, birthdays, missed birthday make-up, trips, dad supplied the beer.
Stay away from that stuff your mom does, here just drink this instead.
I spent some time with him last year, 5 months out of rehab.
Daily, I had to say no to the question, you want some beer. No dad….and then inside I would scream what is wrong with you.

My mom……oh the issues that jump up when I hear the word  mom.
I was always the kid that craved my mom’s attention. Now that I’m older, I can look back and understand why I didn’t get it. I didn’t have the goods she needed. She had to hang out with the people that did of course.
I’ll try to make this short.
For years if I had a headache, toothache, minor pain it was here here take this! No, I’ll be ok. At the time I had no clue what this was, I just knew I’d make it! One day I did give in. I had an earache, severe. I can still remember every bit of that night. That night lead to a few days later when I said hey, can I have another?
Well sure!

Eventually, only when she saw how this may cut into her supply…she let me know the problems that come with it. But still, I walked out the door with those large blue pills. Back then I could split those in two pieces, two days worth. Amazing how fast that flies by, then you need at least 4 of them total. Then no matter how many you take, they don’t work.

When I was little, my mom used to tell me, one time your dad said he couldn’t wait till you were older. He wanted to hang out and smoke pot with his daughter. She always acted like that was the world’s worst sin. My dad and I never did smoke together, he moved from pot to crack. I settled with my mom’s drugs and she rested in the fact that it was medicine, not drugs.
Ah, no I don’t blame my mom, but I do.

I do teach my kids drugs are bad. They are evil, awful scary things that should be feared. Alcohol isn’t a toy, or something that stays fun.

I never had that teaching. I was a very very naive teenager. I was wild, but not with drugs. I had the occasional drunken night being stupid, I would always outdrink everyone else. But, I could take it or leave it. I could function and have a good time without it.

So….see children drugs are bad. They are just bad. You can ask your parents but sometimes they won’t tell you this. Instead, sometimes they do the complete opposite, and look for a partying partner…..in you.

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