In Case I Don’t Make It

Please know I’ve never meant to hurt anyone
Please know I’m totally in love with my family
Please know my oldest daughter is the kindest kid around. Heart of gold, with a touch of airhead. Worried about her role in the world, but I don’t worry about her, she will find her place.
Please know my youngest daughter is the most creative kid around. She can paint, draw, bake, sew….anything she wants. I’m so proud of this kid, again, she will be fine.
Please know my oldest son is the funniest kid around. He’s got the best moves and jokes, can skate like a master. And even though I disagree, his “flow” hairstyle is awesome (at least that’s what they tell me)
Please know my baby… him I worry about. He’s the spoiled child. A 6 year old gamer that dreams of being of YouTube star. Cries at school because it’s more fun at home. He’s a good mix of all of us….
Please know my husband is my all. Everything I’ve done to this point, has been to better us. I hope to God I make him proud
Please know I want to be the opposite of my mom
Please know that I love my friends, even though I choose to stay in solutide, I do miss you. I’m just scared to come out in the world
Please know I don’t want to die from drugs
Please know I never envisioned this as my life when I was a kid
Please know I pray I can be a good mother
Please know I believe in God
Please know I want to get through this to help others like me
Please know addicts aren’t the scum of the earth
Please know I don’t want to intend my life away
Please know I’ve always wanted to be more crafty
Please know my life’s goal was to have a clean organized house, even if only for a day
Please know as much as I hate my mom, I love her too. I just can’t talk to her
Please know it stings just as hard as it did me as a kid, when my parents are not good grandparents
Please know I love my job
Please know I came so far, only because I was lucky enough to work from home. I was able to build confidence without ever seeing a soul
Please know, I want to write, go to school, run a rehab, work in criminal justice field, be a photographer, be a psychologist
Please know I want to do it all
Please know I am my own worst critic
If I don’t make it
Please know I tried

If I do make it
Please know you can too

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