Slid Off The Subs

I’m no longer on any medicine. I was able to put down the last thing I was holding from my addiction. I’m not cocky, I’m not recovered, I don’t have some supply of will power built up. I’m grateful, humble and hopeful that I can stay on this path. I’ve started a new blog for […]


A Letter To My Younger Self

You don’t know it yet, but one day you will be confident and happy. And you will have peace. You will make mistakes, but they will help you build character and strength. You will fall in to traps, but God will show you how to escape. You will lose people you love, but they will […]


‚ÄčI remember being in elementary school and many girls being so cruel. Same in middle school. High school was better. By then I had my core group of friends so the rude ones didn’t matter so much. Still, they were around. I’ve worked at many places and saw this same group of girls as adults. […]

I’d Be a Millionare

If I could explain addiction. Well I can explain it all day eerday, but not enough to make my husband understand. Even though he saw it all play out. One day your in control, having a little fun. The next your in a hell and can’t get out. I tell my kids be careful- you […]

Ain’t No Slippin Off Shit

I’m 5 days off subs 5 days after 19 years of having drugs or alcohol every day I was on 3 8mgs a day for a year. Then came down to 2 8mgs. I resolved to stay on it forever. I had to get broken and lose all I had fought for since I left […]

I’m Still Breathing

After many many discussions I’ve come to realize we are two different people with two different outlooks on one problem. My side is I never meant harm to my family or hell, even myself. He is right when he says I haven’t done this right. I have isolated myself, which is rehab 101 no#1 do […]


Or maybe half that many. I wish I had enough for my first poll. I’m debating between these two books. And because I refuse to ask for the money right now, I’m trying to decide which to get first. If you were miserable like me, what would be your preferred reading for this lovely Friday […]